Recycled Concrete

Concrete Recycling is a cost effective and sustainable solution for your next project. Using recycled products can supplement traditional crushed rock and aggregates.

The quality and performance of recycled crushed concrete is equivalent to virgin aggregate and in most cases more cost effective.

It has been used successfully in pavement and road construction by many local councils throughout Australia.

Currently we are producing recycled materials in...

  • Recycled concrete 20mm
  • Recycled concrete 20/40mm
  • Recycled concrete 40/100mm
  • Recycled concrete 100mm

Meets VicRoads Specifications

If you are undertaking civil construction in Victoria – you will nearly always need to meet VicRoads specifications. With Evans Quarry Class 2 & 3 Crushed Concrete you won’t need to worry – it is made and tested in accordance with VicRoads specifications 820 and 821. We also undertake independent tests in NATA accredited laboratories to ensure the highest standards are met.

Price advantage

Evans Quarries recycled concrete products have a significant density advantage that can have potential to save you big $$$. Our product is lighter than our competitors quarry materials which means you can cover more ground with fewer tonnes. When you use less, it costs less in initial product costs as well as transport costs.

Reliable supply

Experience the reassurance of knowing that your product will arrive reliably at your work site when you need it. Evans Quarries dependable supply and transport network can help reduce downtime. If required our plant can produce stabilised material to meet your needs.

Wet weather application

Don’t allow poor weather conditions to cause delays, Evans Quarries Class 2 & 3 Crushed Concrete will save you time and money – without compromising the result. Unlike crushed rock Evans Quarries recycled crushed concrete has no clay fines, allowing it to better handle damp conditions.

Environmental benefits

By using recycled products you are helping to reduce landfill and preserving our natural resources. So, for the same price or less than crushed aggregate, you can do your bit for the environment as well. You might be surprised at the additional credibility your project can gain by using recycled materials.

Benefits of Recycled Concrete

Download the Benefits & Technical information sheet by clicking the link below.

PDF icon Evans Quarries Recycled Concrete Flyer.pdf

More Information on recycled concrete, performance and case studies can be found here.

20mm Recycled Concrete
20/40mm Recycled Concrete
40/100mm Recycled Concrete
100mm Recycled Concrete